Revitalize U Program

90 Day Program to Help Parents Become the Star of Their Own Movie. Every parent faces unique daily challenges, and our coaching (available online or in-person) is designed for you to become better physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Revitalize U

Online $1500 – ($500 monthly)

In-Person $2500 – ($833 monthly)

What you will get with this program:

  • Personalized workouts including resistance training and yoga flows

  • Step-by-step movement tutorials in follow-along videos, ensuring proper form and technique

  • Customized Meal Plan and Nutrional Guidance that work with your daily schedule

  • Community of like-minded parents, providing a safe space to connect, share, and grow

  • Workshops focused on personal development, effective communication, and building healthy relationships

Some Amazing Transformations

What you will experience through this program:

  • Effective training to achieve results, increase mobility, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning

  • Personalized guidance, motivation, and feedback to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals

  • Understanding of your purpose, allowing you to approach life with newfound clarity and tranquility

  • Benefit to enrich your family life and creating a positive impact on your children

new meal plans
new workouts
same strong community

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