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  • Hybrid Class

    This unique class is a blend of our Box & Burn class as well as the LIFT 30! Also, a circuit-based class, members will go through various stations that are comprised of various boxing drills, combinations, exercises as well as resistance training stations as well to provide a fun full body strength & conditioning workout experience.

  • LIFT 30

    Lift 30 is a 30 minute power packed circuit training program intended to give you an exhilarating full body workout experience in only 30 minutes! Bring a towel and something to drink and we'll take care of the rest! *Please allow up to 35-40 minutes of your time for warm-up & cool down stretch!

  • Box & Burn

    What's better than burning up to 1000 calories? Buring 1000 calories while hitting something in the process! This high energy, high intensity 60 min cardio-boxing class is a combination of the traditional training movements of a boxer—including sparring, shadow boxing, and blows delivered to a 120lb heavy boxing bag! Classes always begin with a proper warm up, cool down, and breaks in between rounds! Great for beginners as well as those looking to change up their cardio routine!

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